The Silver City Trail

(Lament from 36,000 feet)

There’s a trail leads o’er the mountains

From the shining Rio Grand.

She heads near ole Caballo Lake,

Mid glistening desert sand.

She winds her way up Percha Creek

Till old Hillsboro she finds;

Then pauses there for respite,

Where they’re making Black Range Wine.

On up the creek she rises,

Across a bridge or two,

Then settles down in Kingston town

Before she bids, “Adieu!”

Ever winding back and forth,

She gains swift elevation.

Then, conquering high Emory Pass,

She’ll pause in admiration.

Up here the mulies romp and play

And the black bear makes his home.

The coyotes sing in the mountain breeze

To the grey dove’s lonesome song.

Heaven’s portal gives way to the devil they say,

Whose backbone threatens destruction.

Be careful up here, the end may be near

For any careless or casual button!

Drifting on down from the whispering pines,

Through mountainous canyons she’ll rally.

Then charmed by the Rio Membres she’ll wind

Through the verdant and picturesque valley.

She’ll give a wave to the hands of the old Wigwam Ranch

Where, as kids, we once laughed and played;

 And where the Mimbreños of old once chanted and danced

In the bosque of the broad river plain.

Then pressing on westward through pinõn and cedar,

She’ll zigzag and climb one more time

Up to where the infamous copper will greet her;

And she’ll hail the good folks in the mine.

And up on the mountain, such a sight to behold,

The virgin forever kneels,

Offering eternal, obeisant amore;

A symbol of grace and genteel.

Mindful of the One to Whom our lady pays homage,

She’ll join her in tribute and praise,

As generations, now gone, have done well before her

From ancient and primitive days.

Still to the west, neath shimmering skies,

She’ll hasten to carry me on,

To old Silver City where heart and hearth lies,

And, in dreams, old friends welcome me home.

High above gazing dolefully downward,

With my heart in my throat, I bewail,

Oh, how I wish I was down there a ridin

On that old Silver City bound trail!”

Copyright © 2022 Philip R. Stroud

All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “The Silver City Trail

  1. Philip that is the most beautiful poem I have ever read. 🤗 Thank you so much for sharing I will save this forever. God bless you!!! Did you just write this this year? You are an amazing poet. I love reading poems, especially about a place that we live – so awesome. Thank you so much!!! Love you Phillip! 🥰🙏🤗💕

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