My Walk With God

Lesson Series One

(5 Video Lessons)

Seeking Authentic Relationship with God

1.) God is Love
2.) Saving Love
3.) Life Changing Love
4.) Walk in Love
5.) Sharing the Love

Covenant Child

Lesson Series Two

(30 Online Lessons)

A Quest for Authentic Christianity

Does God Exist?

Lesson Series Three

(12 Video Lessons)

Evidences for the Existence of God

Looking for a Rainbow

Special “Inspirational” Lesson Series

(32 Lessons with Discussion Prompts)

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Kindle / Paperback / Hardcover

Confronting Traumatic & Life-Changing Events

Rainbows often seem to just magically appear… but sometimes you really have to look for them. Christian author and educator, Phil Stroud (Salty), invites you to come laugh, sigh, and sometimes even cry together with him as he embarks upon a quest to find as many rainbows as he can – while battling the raging storms of cancer. This inspirational little book, written in the style of Phil’s personal memoirs, is filled with scripture references from the Bible and beautiful Psalms specifically chosen to offer hope and encouragement to anyone encountering a very scary, potentially life-threatening situation.

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