“Guess what we learned about in school today, dad…

Rain!” little Timothy said.

Then he asked, “But is there really any such thing?”

Which left ole Jed kinda scratchin his head.

“Well son,” said Jed, “Yup, it really is so,

In fact, I’ve seen it myself once or twice.

One time way off up in cold Colorado,

But once right here on the ranch… ‘twas nice.”

“Really?” asked Tim, “you mean it rained down right here,

On OUR ranch in New Mexico?”

“Yes sir,” nodded Jed, “and ‘twas a regular frog choker,

What I mean, but that was some time ago.”

“How much did it rain?” ask young Tim, all excited.

“Was it enough to get the ground wet?”

“Well, it sure kicked up the dust,” ole Jed responded,

“And made some kinda mess, you can bet!

“Some of the cows got all dizzy and panicked,

We pert near had a stampede.

And the horses was confused at what they was seein,

Had to rein em in tight to succeed.”

“Did we fill any rain gages? Teacher told us about those,”

Young Timothy sincerely inquired.

“Well, we don’t use those here,” Jed quickly answered,

“Just a tape measure is all that’s required.

“In fact, the Jameson place said they got a twelve incher,

And the Allen ranch measured fifteen.

But we set the record, ten inches ‘tween each drop,

Round here, the most ever seen.”

Tim’s heart swelled with pride at knowing their ranch

Held the record for the most rain in one day.

And he promised himself he’d make that fact known

When he got back to school, come what may.

Then young Tim grew quiet, finally asking his dad,

“Do you think it’ll ever happen again?”

Ole Jed kinda smiled and said, “Likely will, bub,

Lord knows the horny toads need a drink now and then.”

Tim giggled as his dad gave his head a scrub rub;

And Jed said, “Yup, hopin we get a few drops again;

Not just for the ranch, or even for me,

But for you, son… I’ve seen rain.”

Copyright © 2023 Philip R. Stroud

All rights reserved

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