This is the written transcript for Lesson 4 in this series of presentations on evidence for the existence of God —  (it is likely that transcripts will vary somewhat from the actual video recordings).


In this first section, we’re considering evidence for the existence of God from a “cosmological” viewpoint—that is, evidence from the creation. In lesson one we defined the “Cosmological Argument” as stating simply: there must be a Creator because there is a creation. In lesson two we elaborated on the idea a little bit, and gave a few Biblical examples of that logic. Now, let’s continue with a quick glance at a couple of the laws of physics related to the creation:

The 1st & 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics and Entropy:

In view of the first and second laws of Thermodynamics, the universe cannot be “eternal”; it must have had a beginning point. The first law states that there is a finite amount of energy in a closed system. Matter and energy, as it exists in our known universe, cannot be created or destroyed, merely rearranged—or transferred from one state of existence to another. The second states that, in a closed system, with every transfer of energy—as matter or energy is converted from one state to another—there is a loss of usable energy that can never be used again.

The universe, as a whole, is a “closed system.” The 1st and 2nd Law require that, at some point, the universe, as we know it, contained all the potential usable energy it would ever have; and, at some point, it will expend all of its usable energy—regardless of how many times it, theoretically, expands and contracts. Now, if the universe has “always” existed—time without end—then, at some point in the infinite past it would have used up all its expendable energy and would have long since become a cold, dead universe. But it’s not a cold, dead universe; and, therefore, it cannot have had an infinite past; it cannot “always” have existed. This is important to consider because it points us to the realization that, somewhere back in time, the universe must have had an initial moment of origin—it is not eternal.

This is where we need to consider the concept of “entropy”—the fact that the universe and everything in it is moving from a state of greater energy (heat), which maintains a higher level of order, toward a state of less energy (cooling) and, eventually, the complete loss of all usable energy (dead, cold universe).

In other words, the universe and everything in it is “running down”—moving from a state of higher order toward eventual, inactive chaos. While a certain amount of energy and order can be brought to bear at specific points within the closed system for a limited period of time, even these limited points of condensed energy and temporarily sustained order eventually expend themselves. The result: orderly things become disorderly; living things wear out; mechanical devices degrade and fail; flowers die; people get old and pass away; and the universe, and everything in it, becomes less organized and more chaotic.

My friend and fellow researcher, Bill Smith (2012), offers the following diagram and insight into the scientific principle of “entropy,” its effects, and its implications; stating:


As this simple diagram indicates, the principle of entropy as observed by science (the black arrow) and the theory of an eternal universe (the light blue arrow) are directly opposed. As time goes on, order and information in the universe diminish – this is called entropy and is attributable to the second law of thermodynamics. Conversely, evolution calls for order and information to increase with time. The universe itself is the best example of this progression towards chaos. This same sort of running down happens with all matter. Chemicals break down, energy sources get used up, and things wear out. Duane Gish, Professor of Biochemistry at University of California at Berkeley, stated the dramatic impact of this principle on the theory of evolution, saying:

“Of all the statements that have been made with respect to theories on the origin of life, the statement that the Second Law of Thermodynamics poses no problem for an evolutionary origin of life is the most absurd… The operation of natural processes on which the Second Law of Thermodynamics is based is alone sufficient, therefore, to preclude the spontaneous evolutionary origin of the immense biological order required for the origin of life” (Gish, 1979; cited in Smith, 2012a, p. 2).

The Bill goes on to state:  “Evolutionists would have us believe that billions of years would undo this process, but as Dr. Gish states, this is absurd. Billions of years of things wearing out and running down make the universe less usable, less orderly, and less capable of creating and sustaining life” (Smith 2012a, p. 4).

If matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but merely rearranged, and if there is a finite amount of usable energy in the universe, which is being continually depleted resulting in less order and, thereby, causing the universe and everything in it to move toward eventual chaos, one has to ponder certain realities:

  1. what or who is responsible for the material universe as we know it?
  2. what or who infused the universe with all the potential, usable energy it had at the very beginning?
  3. if the levels of usable energy, and the resulting order it initiates and maintains, consolidates or increases at any given point within our universal closed system, even in just a limited space and time, what or who can possibly account for that infusion or consolidation of energy and resulting order?

Remember, Jesus said, “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going…” (John 3:8, NASB). Like the rustling leaves in the passing wind, these scientific laws evidence a source of power that exists beyond anything that can be explained by the material universe in which we live.

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May the Lord continue to bless your sojourn toward eternity!


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