“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest”

(Matthew 9:37-38)

While we are all blessed with many different talents, gifts,  and opportunities, one way that we can all be used by the Lord to love and serve others, and to help grow the body of Christ, is to “network” with each other and make ourselves available to one another as mutual  “follow-up partners.”  A follow-up partner is a dedicated disciple of Christ to whom we can refer students who have expressed a desire to become a Christian.  Follow-up partners assist people with their baptism whenever they are ready to make a personal commitment to Christ.  They are also people who are willing to encourage new Christians and, maybe, even host a small-group fellowship or “house church” in their own home or some other venue.

  • A follow-up partner must be a dedicated Christian, a faithful disciple of Christ, as defined by the New Testament; and motivated only by the love of Christ.  There is no pay or financial support promised or implied.  There is, however, the eternal reward of knowing that we are being used by God to His glory.


  • A follow-up partner must be dedicated to non-denominational Christianity, as presented in the pages of the New Testament, rather than to a particular religious denomination.  We need people who are committed only to Christ and His word, not the doctrines and traditions of men; and who “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33).


  • A follow-up partner must be a student of God’s word who is “diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).  Our follow-up partners must have achieved their official “Certificate of Completion” for all three Redeeming Love online Bible courses:  My Walk With God; Covenant Child; and Does God Exist.


  • The final qualification for becoming one of our follow-up partners is completion of the “Capstone Project.”  This final project requires that each student return to Online Bible Lesson Series #1 – “My Walk With God” and create a “Bible Chain-Reference Study” in the pages of their own Study Bible based on the scripture references found in those twelve lessons — see instructions below:


Instructions for Completing Your Capstone Project

Creating Your Linked “Chain-Reference Studies”

Step 1:  Purchase or secure you own Study Bible — preferably one with wide margins, so that you have room to write down scripture references and makes notes to yourself.

Step 2: Somewhere near the front or back cover of your Study Bible, write down the name of each chain-reference study (there are 12) based on each of the lessons in the Online Bible Lesson Series #1: My Walk With God:

  • Lesson One:  “God is Love”
  •  Lesson Two: “God is Light“
  •  Lesson Three: “Light vs. Darkness“
  •  Lesson Four: “Light Gives Us Hope“
  •  Lesson Five: “Saving Faith“
  •  Lesson Six: “Saving Love“
  •  Lesson Seven: “Relevance of Repentance“
  •  Lesson Eight: “Beauty of Baptism“
  •  Lesson Nine: “Pursuing Sanctification“
  •  Lesson Ten: “Our Divine Fellowship“
  •  Lesson  Eleven – “Our Divine Mission“
  •  Lesson Twelve – “Our Divine Destiny“

Step 3:  Out beside the title of each chain-reference study that you wrote down near the front or back cover of your Bible, write down the very first scripture reference that you find at the beginning of that particular study.

Step 4: Then, open your Bible to that first passage of scripture referenced in the study and underline the text.  Then out in the margin of your Bible, beside the text that you underlined, write down the next scripture reference that you find in the study.

Step 5: Continue to move from scripture to scripture, underlining each text, and writing down the location of the next passage of scripture in the margin of your Bible out beside the text. until you have worked through all  the passages of scripture in each Bible study – (see illustration):

combined links

Step 6:  You may also use the margins of your study Bible to make any notes to yourself that you may want to regarding the main point of a particular passage; or, perhaps, some illustration that you may want to use in explaining the passage to someone else.

Note:  When you have completed these first six steps for all twelve lessons in the “My Walk With God” Online Lesson Series #1, you will have twelve beautiful chain-reference studies marked in your Study Bible; and you will be well equipped to teach and share the message of the Gospel with others.

thin brown bar

Final Step 7:

As a final step to completing your Capstone Project and becoming a follow-up partner, please fill out the following web-form and submit it to our regional missions coordinator for review.

  • A final “Certificate of Ministerial Achievement,” — as evidence of ministry preparedness —  will be issued to those students who have successfully completed all three online courses and their Capstone Project. 

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